Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scrooge McDuck

I first met this guy through a friend. He was one of those quick with a joke and a light of your smoke type guys who always got your attention. He was a semi-professional water polo player (and you gotta love those abs), spoke three languages and was a successful banker. He had a tan all year round and bright green eyes. My kind of guy.

We had hung out a few times with friends before he asked for my number and then asked me out for date. Naturally, I was all excited and looking forward to a magical date with Mr. Perfect. We went out for dinner and had pleasant conversation. Everything was going well until the check arrived and then things went horribly wrong. He didn't have cash and his credit card didn't work. No problem, I say, it happens to the best of us, and so I casually and elegantly foot the bill.

Now I'm no feminist and I am a little old fashioned, I think the guy should pay, at the least for the first few dates. After that, I don't mind going dutch or taking turns. In my head, how a man handles the bill in the first few dates really shows how much of a penny pincher he really is, and my mama always said that the worst trait in a man being a scrooge. We have a saying where I come from that loosely translate to A miser with money is a miser with his feelings.

Anyhow, so like I said, I foot the bill and I told myself to give him another chance. He was just so cute. We went out on a second date. All is well and then the check arrives. This time he did some elaborate calculation to add how much he owed last time as well as this time and then leave me the rest of the check. It actually left me a little confused (he's banker and I'm bad at mental math). Bottom line, he didn't pay for me.

He was too damn cute to just let it go at that, so I went out with him several more times, treated him to various meals hoping he would get the hint, but nothing. Yup, he was Scrooge Mcduck himself, but still I felt the need to give him more chances. What happened, you ask. I'll tell you what happened. He blew me off. HE blew ME off! I couldn't believe it. The stingy bastard blew me off and I was left with my mouth gaping open wide in shock.

Although I don't admit this often, my mama was right...


zou3i said...

That's what you get for being superficial :)

Jumble Mash said...

Psssht!! He is lucky you let the first few times slide! I, like you, don't mind footing the bill and almost always insist on at least paying for the tip, but not on the first couple of dates! What a cheap jerk! Don't ask a girl on a date and have no money on you. That's just dumb!